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Excellent performance from @leoonr6s !
He makes an ace on the 4th round.🔥

Come over and cheer our boys on🤘


We'd like to celebrate the one year anniversary of our valued management members:

♦️Bastian "@blackyyyr6s" Schäberle - COO
♦️Jannic "@notBreax" E. - CCO

We had our ups and downs but we never gave up❤️


[#MatchDay | #R6SAcademy]

Today is the first playday for our R6S Academy Team in the @ClashofRoyals Royal Stage against @vuptrox! 🔥

🆚 @vuptrox
⏰ 22:00 CET

🔹 @leoonr6s
🔹 @Kanekir6
🔹 @PinguinIRL
🔹 @Fuufr6
🔹 @TaXonic189



🔴Now live🔴

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